Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessings for the new year...

"Amidst a lifetime of learning, labors, loves, and sorrows - the small victories and harsh losses, momentary pleasures and indelible pains - echo the very birth cries of human consciousness:  "Who am I?  From where have I come, where am I going?  Why this suffering, this darkness, this confusion?  What is to be done, to be left undone:  what is to be said, and what left unuttered?  By what bond am I bound?  Is it all by cause... or without a cause?"

And with faith or doubt, hope or horror, the cycle draws each man and woman toward the finality of death, the waiting mystery.

The quest for happiness, for tranquillity transits through these fundamental conditions and questions.  All of the world's great religions and philosophies provide solace for the jouneyer.  It is the gift of Yoga to create that union of body, mind, and spirit capable of truly understanding and existing within the serentity offered by eternal truths.  Whether it leads to liberation from a karmic cycle of life and death may be a matter of belief.  Unquestioned is the possibility of obtaining freedom from the confusion and sorrows of the life we may be certain is at our disposal."

~From Health, Healing, and Beyond:  Yoga and the Living Tradtion of T. Krishnamacharya by T.K.V. Desikachar

Two ravens over the canyonlands near Moab. photo by Laura Lea Nalle

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